A Chinese Pastor–Who He Actually Is? (2)

A Young Pastor graduated from seminary is inexperienced but most of the time ambitious and enthusiastic for the work of God.

This is exactly how he is going to fall.  In Yijing Qian Hexagram first yang it says, “the submerged dragon should (does) not act."  Why is that so? 
In Chinese churches, always the more senior people are the ones to be respected and actually in the positions of all decisions.  These positions and figures can be hidden but all within the community know who they are.  A young pastor steps in, cautious as he may be if he is alert of this power structure, would still step into the land mines.  
Being paid to be a pastor, he should expect to work diligently; but with ambiguous measurement, he is almost doomed to fail.   
There is one more thing which is a real challenge for him.  With youtube and mp3 and online resources, there are plenty of stuff by whom who are the pastors of his flock, he will be compared to all the preachers in the whole wide world.  These online pastors don’t need to get on with the church matters on the day-to-day basis.  They don’t have to confront with each other.  And also to add to this complicated situations, Chinese church is very dumb when it comes to confront each other, either they shun away and withdraw or they think those who don’t know not proper propriety, wuli無禮.   
Not only his preaching was being compared, his character, his performance as well are being compared with the more experienced and more “anointed" pastors.  He will be compared to previous pastors as well.  
In short, these young pastors won’t have a chance to earn a trust through his ability.  The only way he can do is work and serve with humility and don’t make any mistake for long enough.



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