Here is another focus of sbl, which i am also interested in.


Description: This interdisciplinary Section encourages comparative analyses of the Bible as artefact and icon in word, image, and sound. We offer a forum for pursuing cultural analyses of gender, race, and class both within the social world of ancient Mediterranean cultures and in dialogue with modern cultural representations. 

Call for papers: For an open session, we welcome proposals that read the Bible psychoanalytically. We particularly encourage papers that situate such psychoanalytical readings within the debate between Marxism and postcolonialism, since psychoanalysis has become—in the larger world of literary/cultural studies—a surprising meeting place between these two inquiries that have not necessarily been friendly with each other. A second panel will be structured on the theme of the “Prison in the Bible/the Bible in the Prison.” Some panelists will be invited, but submissions are also welcome. The following questions are of interest: What in the Bible functions in the place of prisons? What might a prison system look like if constructed on the basis of biblical teachings? How does the paradox between the disciplining function of biblical regulations for behavior and the lack of prescriptions for actual prisons come into culture? What is the place of the Bible in prison? How is the Bible read in prison? What are companions to the Bible in prison, and how do they function?

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