Augustine’s Confession, Book I, Chapter Two

Chapter 2. That the God Whom We Invoke is in Us, and We in Him.
2. And how shall I call upon my God— my God and my Lord? For when I call on Him I ask Him to come into me. And what place is there in me into which my God can come— into which God can come, even He who made heaven and earth? Is there anything in me, O Lord my God, that can contain You? Do indeed the very heaven and the earth, which You have made, and in which You have made me, contain You? Or, as nothing could exist without You, does whatever exists contain You? Why, then, do I ask You to come into me, since I indeed exist, and could not exist if You were not in me? Because I am not yet in hell, though You are even there; for “if I go down into hell You are there." I could not therefore exist, could not exist at all, O my God, unless You were in me. Or should I not rather say, that I could not exist unless I were in You from whom are all things, by whom are all things, in whom are all things? Romans 11:36 Even so, Lord; even so. Where do I call You to, since You are in me, or whence canst Thou come into me? For where outside heaven and earth can I go that from thence my God may come into me who has said, I fill heaven and earth? Jeremiah 23:24 
Et quomodo invocabo deum meum, deum et dominum meum, quoniam utique inme ipsum eum invocabo, cum invocabo eum? et quis locus est in me, quoveniat in me deus meus? quo deus veniat in me, deus, qui fecit caelum et terram? itane, domine deus meus, est quiquam in me, quod capiat te?an vero caelum et terra, quae fecisti et in quibus me fecisti, capiuntte? an quia sine te non esset quidquid est, fit, ut quidquid est capiat te? quoniam itaque et ego sum, quid peto, ut venias in me, quinon essem, nisi esses in me? non enim ego iam in inferis, et tamen etiam ibi es. nam etsi descendero in infernum, ades. non ergo essem, deus meus, non omnino essem, nisi esses in me. an potius non essem, nisi essem in te, ex quo omnia, per quem omnia, in quo omnia? etiam sic, domine, etiam sic. quo te invoco, cum in te sim? aut unde venias in me? quo enim recedam extra caelum et terram, ut inde in me veniat deus meus, qui dixit: caelum et terram ego impleo? 


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