Jesus as the Apex of Humanity

前些日子問一專研巴特的同學:Barth argues that Jesus Christ lives out the apex of what a human being can be, what do you think?


His entering within the deepest darkness of human ambiguity and abiding within it is THE faithfulness. The life of Jesus is perfected obedience to the will of the faithful God. Jesus stands among sinners as a sinner; He sets Himself wholly under the judgement under which the world is set; He takes His place where God can be present only in questioning about; He takes the form of a slave; He moves to the cross and to death; His greatest achievement is a negative achievement. He is not a genius, endowed with manifest or even with occult powers; He is not a hero or leader of men; He is neither poet nor thinker:–My God, my God, why hast thous forasken me? Nevertheless, precisely in this negation, He is the fulfilment of every possibility of human progress, as the Prophets and the Law conceive of progress and evolution, because He sacrifices to the incomparably Greater to the invisibly Other every claim to genius and every human or aesthetic or psychic possibility, because there is no conceivable human possibility of which He did not rid Himself. Herein He is recognized as the Christ; for this reason God hath exalted Hiim; and consequently He is the light of the Last Things by which all men and all things are illuminated. In Him we behold the faitfulness of God inthe depths of Hell. The Messiah of mankind, and here also God is found fiathful.

這一段話當然充滿他對自由神學中進步 (progress)的概念的反諷,但同時也反映出那神為中心,反映出:是卑微、順服的基督,而非人的進步,才能作為人之為人的極至。是順服以至於死。故 此,他在說明了基督非天才、非英雄、非詩人、他只不過是奴隸–甚至甚麼都不是(total negation)後,吊詭的說他是He is the FULFILMENT of every possibility of HUMAN PROGRESS.



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