Gifford Lecture, Sir Jonathan Sacks

Gifford Lecture yesterday, a link.

Faith Lecture Series by Chief Rabbi, Sir Jonathan Sacks.


對「Gifford Lecture, Sir Jonathan Sacks」的一則回應

  1. hi, man of forty

    I am aaron ng, nice to check with your blog, interesting, i will come often to read. and seems, we share quite many interests..

    anyway, i invite you to visit my blog, and interact with me, and need some your enlightenment..haha

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  2. hi. Thanks for stopping by. I visited your blog and agree with what you say. BTW, have you checked with My Other Blogs under 去蕪存菁中式釋經 and 聖經人物?

    Welcome to add my blogs to your blogroll.

  3. I agree with what you said about “sharing quit many interests," which I assume reading the Bible in a narrative perspective.

    You go to “layout" to add a “gidget" called blogroll.


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