Theological or Exegetical?

“In our opinion, biblical exegesis consists of the following three major components: the grammatical and literary, the historical, and the theological.  Since the object of biblical exegesis is a body of literature which purports to be God’s very word to mankind, it is evident that the theological element is not one that follows upon exegesis but, rather, is an integral element of exegesis.  It should be the biblical interpreter’s aim to understand the literature at hand, with the objective of comprehending the mind of the Spirit who speaks in and through the Scriptures.  In reading and interpreting, the biblical student seeks to acquire the knowledge of God which the literature imparts to the reader who is guided by the Spirit.  Thus understood, the word ‘theology’ as a designation of what is given book of the Bible comprises is perfectly suitable."

From Marten H. Woudstra, The Book of Joshua, New International Commentary on the Old Testament, 27).


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