Stanley Hauerwas’s Lecture One and Two

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Stanley Hauerwas

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ON MARCH 8th & 9th, 2009, THEOLOGIAN STANLEY Hauerwas (Professor of Theological Ethics at Duke Divinity School) traveled to Vancouver and delivered Carey’s annual Grenz Lectures to church and academic audiences. Hauerwas challenged Christians to think (among other things) about the church, politics, and the need to develop languages of peace in a turbulent global society. 
Carey Theological College is posting an audio file of the event, for free, for a one month time period. You can find this file by visiting the “Media" section of our website. During this one month time period, and after, you can also download an MP3 file fromRegent Audio.

LECTURE ONE: In his Sunday night lecture to a church audience (at First Baptist in Vancouver) called “Learning the Languages of Peace" Hauerwas offered an alternative to other suggestions about what it means to live in a global society as Christians. Notably, he challenged some of the universalistic presumptions that make committment to the Lordship of Christ problematic. Listen.
LECTURE TWO: In a monday lunch hour lecture, “A Worldly Church: Politics, Theology and the Common Good" , intended  for an academic audience on the UBC campus)Hauerwas showed how an understanding of practical reason reveals a politics of locality and how that politics is also a form of eccelsiology. Listen.

The Grenz Lectures are an annual event, hosted by Carey Theological College in honour of evangelical theologian Stanley Grenz, who was the Pioneer McDonald Professor of Theology and Ethics, at Carey, before his death in 2005. The lectures are designed to be delivered to both church and academic audiences, reaching out to the two localities where Grenz worked.


對「Stanley Hauerwas’s Lecture One and Two」的一則回應

  1. 很少人向Hauerwas那樣,在北美的學術界與教會界都備受尊敬。
    他的書我在Vanderbilt Divinity School時是必讀的textbook。


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