What about Temptation?

What About Temptation?

“The first thing to do is to thank God for making you human; for giving you life and all that it means; for giving you responsibility to think and choose. The second is to pray for grace to use that responsibility wisely. The third is to recognize that every moment, every second of your life, is a moment when the gracious God longs to give you the good gift of his presence and his love, and has some specific response from you which he longs to evoke, which will enrich and enhance your humanness in the way that rebellion never can. If you don’t follow in this precise moment, you are going to miss out. Often the shaprpes temptation comes at the critical moment, when God is waiting to bring yo round a corner to some unexpected blessing or gift. In trhe light of all this, and in the power of the Spirit, make your choice, and act on it gladly, giving thanks to God."

Following Jesus by N. T. Wright, 88-89.

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