Feeling, Expression, Experience: A Reflection on Christian Spirituality

It is by expressing our feeling is formed and forming.

其實,也可以說,It is through what we do (to others) we find our feeling emerging and born, and it furthers shapes (changes) what we feel of others as well as ourselves.

We are not and should not be bound to the “myth" that to be genuine and truthful to ourselves, we shall only do what we really feel. It implies we would only show our concern / act out an action of love / do an act of charity or righteousness when we feel that we have a genuine feeling of it.

However, sometimes Christians can be so haunted by feeling him/herself a unworthy sinner that any act of mercy, charity, and righteousness or any expression of love would be inconsistent with his true self–what he feels about himself.

That in fact also reflects an unhealthy self-image.

Therefore, if my first notion about feeling can be understood in terms of spirituality. A spirituality through expressions, experiences instead of one that is over-preoccupied and over-meditated one (which does not produce action which gives him experience that shape his feeling about himself) should be one we need to promote among church community today, at least among the Chinese ones I see.




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