Ditch IT


“There are times in the research of every essay when you find yourself collecting material that is interesting and so closely argued that you find it difficult not to take notes from all of it, particularly when it’s relevant to the wider implications of the topic. But if it’s not relevant to the problems raised in this essay, ditch it! File it away for other essays, by all means, but don’t let it tempt you in this essay. Otherwise it will lose focus and the reader will fail to understand what you’re doing and why."

Bryan Greetham, How to Write Better Essays, 2nd Ed. (Hamsphire: MacMillan, 2008), 7.

對「Ditch IT」的一則回應

  1. Could not agree more with Bryan Greetham. Yet there is a solution for the ditched yet closely-argued material. Post it in your website, benefiting more people like me. 🙂



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