Writing Precisely

“Writing precisely", a task that differentiates a good writer from the untrained ones.

Greetham addresses avoiding “jargons", choosing “right words", and ditching “cliches". All three requires a trained eyes to spot whether they are in an essay or not.

For example, talking about choosing the “right words", he provides an example:

“Modern business methods are destroying communities and exploitations."

For me this is not simply a matter of writing good English, meaning as if can’t get it right it must be because of my incompetence in English. The problem, however, lies in writing style–with a matter of clarity and precision.

Try for yourself if there is anything to be clarified or revised.

Greetham demonstrates how this is to be done:

1) What methods in particular?
2) In what ways are they destroying communities?
3) What specific groups are being exploited?

See Bryan Greetham, How to Write Better Essays, 2nd Ed. (Hamsphire: MacMillan, 2008), 229.

All these are to be taken into account in my own revision of my thesis.




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