60 Years of the People’s Republic of China

The following is an excerpt.  For full article, please visit: 60 Years of the People’s Republic of China" of Global Chinese Ministries.

As one gives thanks for God’s work over the last 60 years in China, one thing stands out as truly remarkable. It is the gospel. The gospel has survived and flourished against all odds in China and not some feeble moralistic or liberal substitute. In the West, in the UK and Europe in particular, Christians are becoming increasingly besieged and regarded with hostility by a rampant secularist culture. The temptation is for Christians to withdraw from society or to dilute the faith until it becomes indistinguishable from humanism or secularism. In China quite the opposite has happened. Thirty years ago most educated young people regarded Christianity with undisguised hostility – today they are crowding into churches and leading house churches. Christians are now actively engaged in all kinds of holistic ministry – medical, educational, etc, as has been shown in the great response to the Sichuan earthquake last year. The forthright proclamation of Christ as the only way of salvation in accordance with the Bible, linked with holistic expressions of sacrificial love, has transformed Chinese attitudes to the gospel and penetrated every level of society from the humblest peasant to the distinguished academic and even the Party member.




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