A Question on Academic Creativity and Convention

Some academic fields have become like a factory that produces same style, same format of argument.  As soon as anything is not written that style, examiners and so called senior colleagues in the field fail to show the vigillity and creativity to find clues to read things that are non-conventional.  It seems that they have been so protected and pampered that everything has to suit what they want.  Ironical as it is, they are still the centre of power.  No wonder every generation it takes a certain rebellious nerves ( which later honoured as genius when their work discovered and claimed as bla-bla-bla…..).  Ironical is that they said they set originality as one of the criteria for PhD thesis, but they those on the panels are sometimes the murderer of originality when originality also means creativity that is so against their reading habit and convention.  They never try hard enough to understand but simple assume they will understand given that they are the experts.  But it occurs that they don’t understand, they wouldn’t admit (and they have lost the ability to recognize) that the problem could be on their side instead of their junior colleague.




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