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Feb. Prayer Points

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  1. For the first time, the official press in China has publicly admitted the existence of 50 million unregistered house-church believers. Pray this will be a step towards a more liberal religious policy and genuine freedom to worship and evangelize.
  2. There are still elements among officialdom who persecute Christians at the local level; pray that God will overrule so those who recognize the valuable contribution of Christians to society will take over control of policy and its implementation at both the national and local levels.
  3. Rev. Thomas Wang, one of North America’s leading pastors, has inaugurated the “America Return to God” prayer movement. Evangelist Luis Palau addressed 500 participants last September (Great Commission News, Fall 2009). Pray that many more Chinese Christians in America will pray and take action to return the country to biblical standards.
  4. China is close to becoming a 50% urban nation. Pray for effective gospel outreach in her vast cities which continue to see millions of poor rural migrant workers pouring in.
  5. Continue to pray for dedicated workers in the earthquake stricken zone of northern Sichuan who are engaged in long-term rehabilitation work.
  6. There are 5 million blind people in China. Pray that they will receive fair treatment in employment and that more Braille Christian materials can be produced for them.
  7. House-church evangelists face many strains in their marriages and family life as they are often away from home for long stretches. Pray they will see that taking time with their wives and children is not unspiritual, but a necessity.
  8. Pray for Mr. Li, sentenced to 10 years in prison in China, and for Mr. Zhang sentenced for 7 years (both Christians), for the “crime” of helping desperate North Korean refugees try to escape into Mongolia via Inner Mongolia (Barnabas Aid, December 2009.)
  9. Pray for the strategic ministry of the large TSPM churches in Shanghai which attract many students and professionals.
  10. A believer in Henan wrote to FEBC asking: “Je-Ho-Vah can be split into gods of three stages and in my hometown people all believe in the god ‘Vah’. Is this right?" This seems to be a distortion of the doctrine of the trinity; pray for rural Christians prey to strange heresies. May God send them true teachers and pastors.
  11. During his November visit to China President Obama stated that “freedom of speech, of press and religion are not just core American values but we believe are universal rights" (Daily Telegraph, November 2009). Praise God for improvements in religious freedom in China; pray for greater openness to the implementation of religious freedoms at all levels of government.
  12. Many tribal Christians in Yunnan (Lisu, Miao, Yi etc.) are drawn to the cities to find work, where they are in danger of losing their faith and distinctive culture. Pray they will find warm fellowship and good teaching from fellow believers in the cities.
  13. “My husband has strayed far from God. He never goes to meetings. He persecutes and insults me. I pray for him every day but this seems not to work. I feel very weak and sad." Pray for Mrs. Wang and her backslidden husband in Hubei, central China. (Letter to FEBC.)
  14. At least 726,000 people in China are affected by schistosomiosis (snail fever) which is rampant in some rice-fields (The Economist, June 20, 2009). Pray for sufferers and for Christian doctors seeking to treat them.
  15. Shijiazhuang, the capital of Hebei province, has more than 2 million inhabitants but only 1% are believed to be Christians (China’s Unreached Cities). Pray for effective outreach by the city’s Christian churches and house-church fellowships.
  16. A senior health official revealed that China has a serious syphilis epidemic with 278,000 cases—three times the number in 2004 (Shanghai Daily, October 29, 2009). Pray for sufferers and that Christians will take a strong stand for biblical morality which will have an influence in general society.
  17. “Please pray for us. As soon as the school holidays began, officials from the Minorities and Religious Affairs Bureau, the Propaganda Department and the 610 Office which bans Falungong, drove into the mountains. They prohibit students and children from hearing the gospel and ban outside evangelists." (Letter to FEBC.)
  18. The 200,000-strong Tu people of Qinghai and Gansu are one of the least evangelized minorities in China. Most are Lama Buddhists. Pray that Chinese Christians will be raised up and trained to reach them for Christ.
  19. There are now 360 million web-users in China and more than 3 million China-based websites (China Daily, November 2, 2009). Pray Christians will have greater freedom to set up Christian web-sites and download teaching materials from overseas.
  20. The Chinese magazine Liaowang has admitted that China runs thousands of secret “black jails” where inmates—usually poor rural people petitioning the government about injustice—are beaten or tortured (Daily Telegraph, November 27, 2009). Pray these places will be abolished and the petitioners given a proper hearing.
  21. Pray for outreach to the huge foreign communities in Beijing, Shanghai and other cities. Pray especially for Muslims and North Koreans working or studying in China that they may hear the gospel.
  22. OMF International workers worldwide report many wonderful opportunities to share Christ with Chinese students. Pray for patience, “stickability,” flexibility and lots of love!
  23. About 100,000 desperately poor people in Hong Kong still live in tiny “cage homes” (partitioned flats of one room.) “Even a dog’s home is better than here," complained one resident (South China Morning Post, October 5, 2009). Pray the Hong Kong government will ease the plight of these people.
  24. The city of Yiwu in Zhejiang south of Shanghai hosts 200,000 Arab traders annually to buy low-cost goods. There are many Chinese Christians locally. Pray they will have a vision for serious outreach to these Muslim visitors.
  25. Chinese construction companies are building offices for the Algerian and Yemeni foreign minsitries in Algiers and Sana’a, as well as a light-rail system in Mecca, the Muslim holy city (Daily Telegraph, August 28, 2009). Pray for any Christians in these companies with opportunities to witness.
  26. Pray for a young Kazak couple who have come to faith in northwest China. Pray for other Muslim family members some of whom are very opposed.
  27. 2010 is the centenary of the World Missionary Conference in Edinburgh started in 1910. Pray for greater Chinese participation in global mission in the 21st century and for all those Chinese cross-cultural missionaries already working in many countries.
  28. An unprecedented open-air Christmas gathering was allowed in Ho Chi Min City in Vietnam on December 11. About 40,000 people turned up and 8,000 responded to “anointed” gospel preaching to receive Christ (Compass Direct, December 14, 2009). Praise God! Pray the time will come in the near future in China when the gospel can be proclaimed similarly and for revival to sweep the land.


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